7/10 people abandon their cart and without a strategy to recover these sales, you are losing out on a lot of potential revenue.


The new Email Marketing service we provide solves this issue and also:

  • Allows us to know exactly who will buy when, so we reach them at the best time.
  • Segments out your most frequent buyers, which allows us to focus on automatic email sequences and campaigns to increase their average order value.
  • Identify your at-risk customers before they leave to a competitor, and send them highly personalized offers to retain them.
  • Use predicted buying cycles to time your automated emails as effectively as possible.
  • Create sign up forms which allows us to collect more emails.
  • Find the exact right time to send your emails to get more opens and more clicks.



Ecommerce Platforms

We offer email marketing integration for the following ecommerce platforms:

Shopify - WooCommerce - 3DCart

Our Process


First, we get to know your business and make sure we have a clear understanding of what you sell, who your marketing objective is, and your goals for your business.

At this stage we do a personalized market research of your niche, customers and competitors. This is the stage that requires more work to be able to have a perfect strategy for your business,


In this stage, we are planning the emails and content that we would need for all of your emails based on the research we've done.

We create the basic email sequences that are needed for an e-commerce store such as Abandon Cart, Welcome Series, Post Purchase, Customer Win-back, Browse Abandonment, Add to Cart Abandonment etc.


We start building out automation processes, setting up the core emails your store needs and getting the first batch of campaigns ready.

Stage where there is a lot of work involved as we have to create branded content and email copy for each email that belongs in an automation sequence.


In this stage , our goal is to make conclusions based on data. During this phase, we are actively cleaning up the list to make sure it is up to date and as effective as possible.

We gather all of the email data we have received from the past couple of weeks and analyze that data to create new email sequences, segment the current list and send out high converting emails.


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